New SafeBoda features you could be missing

SafeBoda has been rolling out commendable features that are being added to its news app that was unveiled in June of this year.


The first feature the Uganda-grown mobility firm added to its app on top of being able to hail a ride was buying airtime.

New features on the new SafeBoda app (Image credit: SafeBoda/Facebook

With the SafeBoda app, you can now buy airtime using the balance on your cashless account.

The airtime can be bought for any network at no charge.

This is good since at times you won’t have balance on all your mobile money accounts to buy airtime for all your SIM cards.

The least amount of airtime you can buy is Shs500.

See the details for buying airtime here

Sharing cashless

Also, SafeBoda has added a feature to its app that allows you to share your cashless balance with a friend.

This was introduced this month. This is on top of being able to buy cashless from the SafeBoda guy.

Deliveries on SafeBoda

You can now use your SafeBoda app to send items to place you want them to be.

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