SafeBoda loses product manager as first engineer joins Apple

Oluwakamiye Adelemoni, who has been head of product at SafeBoda, has left the company.

Adelemoni had worked for the Ugandan-grown ride-hailing firm for two years.

In a LinkedIn post, SafeBoda co-founder Rapa Thomson said that the senior engineer was “leaving SafeBoda to explore other heights”.

He went on to wish him “all the best in his career.”

“I am optimistic that life will bring us together again,” he wrote. “You have greatly contributed to this organization. SafeBoda community/team strongly believe you will do greater things wherever you are going.”

Before joining the pioneer motorcycle-taxi hailing firm in the East African nation, Oluwakamiye Adelemoni worked with several tech firms, including Andela, the training and placement firm for software developers.

In his post, Rapa also revealed that the Nigerian developer was not the first senior engineer they were losing.

For instance, Cleave Masereka, the company’s first software engineer is now working with Apple.

Benjamin Wogisha also left in 2017 to work with Facebook. Others left for further studies.

“To be able to achieve, we have to walk with people but we also have to allow them to pursue their dreams. @SafeBoda has seen other top Engineers leave to pursue bigger dreams like Masereka Cleave (Aka, Engineer Namba Emu) who is currently working with Apple Inc, Benjamin Wogisha who joined Facebook while Geoffrey Ssekirime is currently working with Walmart,” Rapa wrote.

“Silas Kaggwa and Charles Muchene are also both pursuing masters (sic) degree abroad.”

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