Liquid Telecom Launched It’s Kenya’s Azure Stack Hub

Kenya’s Azure Stack Hub launched by Liquid Telecom

An announcement for the deployment of the Azure Stack Hub in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, has been made by Liquid Telecom. The launch targets all Kenyan borders, as well, so as to enable businesses meet local data regulatory requirements and also efficiently run latency-sensitive business applications.

This launch is meant to prove the dedication of Liquid Telecom in transforming Kenya digitally by empowering businesses with a locally made and highly secure cloud solution, a thing that will ensure real-time business continuity with flexible adoption models.

Liquid Telecom has over the last two years, played a pivotal role in driving Africa’s digital transformation through its Cloud-managed offering on Stack and Azure Stack, supported by a resilient and extensive fiber infrastructure throughout the continent.

Through Liquid Telecom’s partnership with Cassava FinTech International, they were able to launch the Sasai Wi-Fi Finder, which is a potential game-changer in driving digital and financial inclusion in Africa. This service is set to be rolled out at thousands of hotspots in Africa.

Greater connectivity in a variety of locations will be enabled by the Sasai Wi-Fi Finder, which will include healthcare, retail, government, education and small business trade facilities. Millions of Africans, through the Sasai Super App, will be granted access to social, entertainment, and on-demand services offered on the App, including Sasai Moments.

The rollout of the Sasai Wi-Fi Finder, through the partnership, will be done countries like South African, Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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