Apply For The COVID-19 Global South Health and Livelihoods Challenge

OpenIDEO, in a bid to support low and middle-income families across the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has released a call for innovative ideas and from these, the best ten will be awarded prize funds as well as stand chance for additional investment.

Being that the low and middle-income families in urban areas in the Global South and a number of other people have been hardly hit by the pandemic, OpenIDEO seeks innovative ideas that demonstrate a deep understanding of how such people can cope with the adverse effects of COVID-19.

Innovations of all stages are welcome; from initial design stage to full scale rollout. Submissions for the challenge are also open to anyone: either as an individual, a team or a registered organization.

The COVID-19 challenge is a combination of many challenges in one for low and middle-income families in the urban Global South. The Global South, according to the IPI Global Observatory, has “the highest rates of COVID-19 in the world, a lack of adequate access to healthcare, and a large emerging middle class that is at a risk of sliding back into poverty.” A few statistics can paint a clearer picture of this reality. For instance:

  • ECLAC United Nations recently published a report highlighting the growth of poverty rate in Latin America and the Caribbean by 4.4% in 2020, meaning about 30 million people who had moved into the middle class will find themselves wallowing into poverty.
  • In addition, countries like Peru, Colombia, Brazil, and South Africa have a majority of their populations in the percentages of 76%, 74%, 80% and 64.3% accordingly living in urban areas and in multi-generational households. This state of living in close quarters and the urban density poses a greater health risk for the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions.
  • There’s also a higher risk of diseases spreading easily since many low and middle-income cities and communities are living in substandard and poorly ventilated buildings. In addition, access to clean water, basic sanitation and regular electricity is still another challenge. And for those who commute to work, crowded public means are their main option yet they pose a greater risk for disease transfer.

For the ideas to be considered plausible for this challenge, they must fall under these four (4) successive stages;

  1. The Initial Design Stage where one is exploring an idea while gathering and information needed to test it with real users.
  2. The Prototype Stage where one has done some small tests or experiments with prospective users to continue developing the idea.
  • The Pilot Stage where one has started to implement the solution as a whole with a first set of real users.
  1. The Full-Scale Rollout Stage where one has already tested and scaled the idea significantly with the intended user base.

Participants will enjoy the following benefits;

  • The top 10 ideas will get awarded with prize funds and supported accordingly. Pitching of concepts by Top Ideas to the leadership from Intercorp will be conducted for a consideration for additional investment and implementation.
  • In order to explore pathways for implementation, an opportunity to be coached by La Victoria Lab, Intercorp’s Innovation Lab, awaits the selected ideas.

Applications will close on 11th september 2020, Apply 👉 here

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